From Grain to Glass is a family-run homebrew and winemaking supply store. Our mission is to provide a wide variety of high quality products as affordably for our customers as possible. Read more here We offer grains from world-renowned maltsters, the freshest hops from Hopunion, and an extensive variety of yeast strains. An important goal of ours is to develop a line of regionally-grown and organic grains and hops.  We specialize in individual care and attention for each and every customer. Brewing can be a fun family activity—we now offer root beer and soda-making kits that all ages can enjoy!

While great homebrew is part of what we are all about, our story really began with a desire for deeply connected community, a different way of life, and more family time! We brewed up our scheme for a homebrew supply shop while living in the San Francisco Bay area. Our days consisted of Brad’s hectic 9-5 and Amber’s busy graduate student schedule. At the same time, we were learning to be new parents thousands of miles from our families. We needed a change and began searching for the perfect small town…

We visited Decorah for a family reunion—Brad has ancestral roots in northeast Iowa—and fell in love with this picturesque, charming small town. We especially love Decorah’s do-it-yourself attitude and the emphasis on making healthier, sustainable choices for our community. Needless to say, the decision to leave California for Decorah was easy to make, and we have never looked back!    

We welcome the community to drop by for a visit! Kids are welcome to come play with Bliss (she loves the company!), and Brad is always happy to brainstorm with customers to come up with just the right recipe!

Soon we will offer classes! Brad will teach everything from homebrew basics to advanced techniques. Amber dreams of offering women’s brewing classes (did you know women were the first brewers???) and also herbal homebrew classes for brews that are tasty AND good for you!

Looking forward to helping you brew~ Brad, Amber, & Bliss